Relay Weekend RELEASE

Not many know that I am a member of Harmony of Hope Team and this weekend is Relay Weekend.

To join this celebration, my next release will be available at the Harmony of Hope Campsite.


All sales will go 100% to RFL.

After the weekend, all items will be available in my Store and Marketplace.

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Fantasy Faire 2019

It is Time again …

Fantasy Faire 2019 is running and many new Moonley Inc. releases are available.

Teleport to Fantasy Faire Midas

As RFL Edition items you get the  Love Set (Items also separately available) and the Wildlife Set:

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One older Release is the Love Industrial Set (Items also separately available):

Moonley Inc. - Love Industrial Set


The Newest Release are the amazing Frames:

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Moonley Inc. – Wildlife Frame Set – Luxury

This Set includes all 3 Frames (Wolf, Bear and Deer).

Each Frame is 1 Li and 100% mesh.

The Whole set is for sale for 300 L$.

If you only want 1 Frame, they are available too for 150 L$.